Stephany Sanchez

Printmaking Goods

Shirt and tote bag designs are printed in batches. They are limited. Once they sell out or the presale closes that design will not be printed again in most cases unless there is a high inquiry for that design. 

Printing in batches allows me to stay in a creative zone and gives me the opportunity to bring you fresh, new designs at least once a month!

Thank you so much for your support!!


All order are shipped through USPS. Orders will be shipped out twice a month. Please be aware there may be potential delays because of limited transportation availability at the post office due to Covid-19. 

Prints must be mailed out with priority mail to guarantee a safe journey to your home, this is due to their size and packaging needs.

Please note that delivery options depend on weight. If your order contains more than one clothing item and the total weight automatically amounts to more than a pound there will only be a priority option available. I cannot control this and priority mail will be the only way I can ship your items out. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out me.