Jornada para Palestina in Oax

Jornada para Palestina in Oax




Fernando: @fernano_isai

Sari: @zeitatun

Esptacion Morelos: @estacion.morelos


On November 22nd of this year (2023), my good friend Fernando Isaí reached out to me, inviting me to participate in a series of workshops at Estación Morelos in Oaxaca City. These workshops were designed to raise awareness about the genocide crimes and genocide that have afflicted the Palestinian people for many years.

The workshop:

Fernando had the idea to engage people in printmaking on manta fabric by creating Palestinian symbols such as a watermelon, spoons, the Keffiyeh on the Palestinian flag, or other symbols crafted by participants. The goal was to use affordable and user-friendly materials while incorporating the flag's colors. The concept aimed to inspire individuals to craft symbols in solidarity with Palestinian liberation, emphasizing that collectively, the participants represented the flag and were mapping their collective resources. This process utilized symbols that strengthen us as allies. 

Materials used:

  • Styrofoam (Note: We're actively seeking a more environmentally friendly alternative for future projects. If you have any recommendations, please let us know!)
  • Pencils
  • Paper (provided for participants wanting to take a print home)
  • Water-based block printing ink (green, white, black, and white)
  • Brayers
  • Baren
  • Plexiglass
  • Manta (cotton fabric)


The concept was to encourage participants to craft images in solidarity with Palestinian Liberation. Utilizing pencils, participants carved their images into the styrofoam, which was then inked and placed in the corresponding colors of the Palestinian flag.


Engaging in collective discussions about the Palestinian resistance was both heavy and necessary, yet undeniably uplifting. It became evident that many individuals were actively coming together to address the prevailing political climate. Later in the evening, Sari Adani, a Palestinian artist who had volunteered his time, practice, and experience, contributed to the atmosphere by playing a captivating compilation of music on the Oud. Following his performance, Sari recounted his childhood experiences living in Palestine, shedding light on the ongoing atrocities committed by the Israeli state, and Zionists—a situation that has not only persisted but worsened over time (as depicted in the last image with Sari playing the Oud).

Sari, visiting Oaxaca from the U.S., was specifically seeking a place where a community was engaging in meaningful activism for the Palestinian cause. I'm glad he was able to find that through this event, just as every other participant and contributor did.

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